Skips Tire And Auto Centers - Incompetent ripoffs

Scotts Valley, California 0 comments

Basically ~ three clutches installed and even though the third one was less than one year old, they said that the warranty only covers from one year of the original installation of the clutch.(Due to their incompetence, the first clutch had to be replaced within one year) As for the third clutch, they told me I should use a heavy duty clutch.

$1300 later, we're still having problems. Turns out it wasn't a clutch problem at all. The dealership fixed the problem. Already recommended by consumer agencies (after hearing the details) that I should take them to small claims court.

They are incompetent and a total ripoff.

I've even heard complaints about them up-selling tires from my friends and neighbors ....definitely avoid them unless you want to throw away money

Review about: Clutches Instal.

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